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Good golly, it seems like i havent been on here in forever. The thing is, im the type of person that would make tons of content, & then just be too lazy to add it. I have tons of preppy signs, avatars, icon bases, redid all my color schemes, cutouts, i new hosting site, some tumblr themes, i just have alot of crap, okay? Im not sure, I just feel like I cant add anything until I change my layout, which I am in the process of doing right now. I always try to do something different which each layout if you havent noticed, so once youve had alot of layouts, coming up with something new and fresh is hard.

School is fine so far. Im just going to breeze through some major updates: Im actually doing pretty good in AP Biology, I love my Studio Art class so much because we are practicing portraiture, & I am eligible for National Honors Society.I really hope I get in, & its really hard at my school to get in only being a junior. Im doing my best to get all of my things together because getting into NHS was my top goal entering highschool.

TOP NEWS OF MY LIFE RIGHT NOW: My goddaughter was born September 7, 2013 at 5:57am. I went to visit her today and I nearly cried when I held her. I took tons of pictures, but im going to set up a personal blog so this site can mainly be focused on graphics. Thats the most exciting thing in my life right now, haha.

And also, I do now have a hosting site in which I host subdomains & domains. You do have to pay for shared domains, (the prices range from $1-$3) but I am always willing to negotiate prices or help out a friend c:


new hosting site*
*under construction* tumblr themes site (:


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I know it seems like ive been gone forever, but im just so excited because its my birthday♥ I cannot wait until my Sweet Sixteen on the tenth, its going to be awesome. Im going to keep the blog post short since i am polishing my nails, haha.

For quick news, I started making tumblr themes, & i was gifted eclipse-themes.com from Kristen@ drownthecity. (: Its not up yet, I want to have like 10 themes before I open. I am also the new co-owner of sug4rlove.net, I cannot wait to start adding content. Finally: I am purchasing a reseller, so I can start legitimate shared hosting with cheap prices. (: Well thats all im willing to type with my nails, haha.Have a good day! (:


new layout*
new co-owner of sug4rl0ve (:
*under construction* tumblr themes site (:

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