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Hey Everyone (: My name is Shannon as you can see, and I am the proud owner of vouloir.info. I am a teenager that is emotional, artistic, and resides in boring ol' Ohio. I have not been graphic designing for the longest period of time, probably since 2009. I started creating random websites and forums in about 2009 on webs, known as freewebs back then. I was using photobucket to edit my pictures then, I was such a lame haha. What majorly got me into web designing though was a website called gosupermodel.com (english site is now closed, the owners are butt wipes >.>) and I went through a weird evolution of webdesign. First I started with "borders", which one step lower than a div; a table. Then I began using paint to make div profiles. I then started using Photoshop. I was then asked to join a group of three girls of graphic designers to make layouts for the websites monthly newsletter. Man, I miss those days. I was inspired by someone who I will always consider the queen of graphic design, Qian. (etoile94.deviantart.com) If it wasnt for her, I would never have started using photoshop, honestly.

You can find out more specifics about me on the other tabs (: Some generals about me are that I am artistic, really relaxed about most things, but still emotional and quick to anger, lol, and I have a profanity problem. Trying to work on that though ;)

Hobbies; Graphic Design. Photoshop. Writing. Eating. Singing. Dancing. Poetry. Sleeping. Cheerleading. Acting. Blogging. Piano&Guitar.; Texting. Talking. Laughing. Shopping. Designing. Reading.

Music; Azealia Banks. Beyonce. Brutha. Boyz II Men. Eminem. Ke$ha. Lucci Vee. Michael Jackson. Ne-Yo. Secondhand Serenade. The Temptations. Utada Hikaru.

Food; Macaroni and Cheese. Stir Fry. Polish Boys. Chicken. Lasagna. Ramen.

Television; Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar: Legend of Korra. Teen Titans. (90's) Spongebob Squarepants. Bad Girls Club. Dance Moms. Powerpuff Girls. Courage the Cowardly Dog. Adventure Time. South Park. The Boondocks. Drawn Together.

Movies;Friday Series. Quarantined. Sinister. The Temptations. Mulan. Hunchback of Notre Dame. Overboard. Not Another Teenage Movie. Scary Movie Series.

Randoms; Anime. Smoothies. Dance Dance Revolution. Late Nights. Stormy Days. Winning. Family&Friends.; Charming Charlies. Vintage Things. Owls. Pendants. Feathers. Green. Ballet Flats.

Haters. Mean People. Wannabes. Cocky People. Blissful Ignorance. Words-Moist and Lube Liars. Thieves. The New Disney and Nickelodeon. School. Science. Waking Up Early. Hypocrites. Getting In Trouble. People Who Overreact. Underachieving. Explaining Myself.

credit & HUGE thank you to xbeatbox.com for this wonderful tab thingy!

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